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We are a Delhi based startup. We have a monthly print magazine for photographers, models, and stylists. The defining quality that sets us separately from everyone in the industry is the limitless passion that we have towards our work and our impeccable work record that speaks for itself and is resonated in the industry we cater to. For us, every new client or a project is a challenge as well as an opportunity to redefine our limits of excellence. An ongoing endeavor to bring about commendable changes in the industry has made us the leaders that we are today.



1. Photography (Remote Work)      Stipend: INR 2000     Apply Here


2. Social Media Marketing(Remote Work) Stipend: INR 2000  Apply Here


3. Graphic Design   Stipend: INR 3000  Apply Here


4. Content Writing   Stipend: INR 5000  Apply Here


5. Business Development (Sales)   Stipend: INR 3000  Apply Here


6. Media and Public Relations   Stipend: INR 2000  Apply Here


7. Web Development   Stipend: INR 5000  Apply Here


8. PHP development  Stipend: INR 3000-5000  Apply Here


9. Video Editing   Stipend: INR 5000  Apply Here