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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Tips For Students During Lockdown [Ultimate Guide]

This guide provides some important tips that students can follow during the Coronavirus lockdown. These tips will be helpful for you to focus effectively on your studies and how to maintain good health during the Coronavirus lockdown.

A few months back, a new virus with unique genetic material named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) originated. Due to the elongated closure of various academic institutions and schools to practice social distancing and proper hygiene to combat coronavirus, many online learning platforms, publishers and institutes have made their resources and study materials available online. These resources are free of cost and accessible to students across the world.

This is the best time for students to utilize, learn, and explore new skills that can help them in their career paths.

Tips for Students to follow during Coronavirus Lockdown

There are some tips that you can follow during this unprecedented time. These tips will allow you to focus on both health and studies. Besides, you will be preparing for your goals and career plans and will remember these days as footsteps towards it.

Create Time-Table 

This should be the primary step towards your daily goal of learning. you’ll be self-disciplined and punctual in following the time-table or study plan. Set an alarm or reminder on mobile a day and make an inventory of topics or assignments to be covered. you’ll set deadlines consistent with your understanding of varied topics. Get some help from your parents if required to debate your study plans and the way to make a correct schedule as this may assist you to achieve your set target. and since of that, you’ll build momentum, have better time management skills, and self-confidence.

Do Online Courses 

At present, many educational platforms have made their courses that are free and available online. These courses cover tons of topics inclined towards your career path or profession. Many courses supported data science, coding, marketing, business, etc. are now accessible online and freed from cost. These courses can vary for the duration starting from 6 hours to 2 months as per your preference. After completion of the course, you’ll tend a prestigious ‘ Certificate of Completion’ to mark your achievement. This certificate are often showcased as your achievement and may be highlighted in your resume or CV. you’ll also check here for top computer courses.

Some of the web platforms where you’ll search for various online courses are:

  1. Coding Blocks: apply ‘CBCORN’ to urge 55% off on online courses.
  2. Coursera
  3. Linkedin Learning and lots of more

Go For Online Certifications


online certification


Big IT companies such as Microstrategy, Oracle, etc. have announced free online certifications, which previously cost for $250 and more due to Coronavirus Pandemic.  There are various certifications in fields such as cybersecurity, project management, data science, etc. that can be done as per your career goals. You can utilize the time for preparation and give your best shot to clear the certification exam with flying colors.


Look For Virtual Internship Opportunities


virtual internship opportunity


These days many organizations are conducting their summer internship program completely virtual. You can apply to various internship opportunities that are Work From Home (WFH) and for 1-3 months. Many organizations are helping students actively during this Pandemic so that their students don’t suffer, and they can get some practical experience through an internship.

InsideSherpa is one of the online platforms that provide virtual internships completely free and take approx. 6 hours to complete from the comfort of your home, hostel or anywhere in the world. Other platforms where you can hunt your internship opportunity is at Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.


Learn a new language

Learn Foreign Language 

When you look at the idea of learning a new language, you might feel anxious. You will be learning utterly new vocabulary and so on. But, nowadays, learning a new language can land you a job or even citizenship. The demand for professionals with proficiency in a foreign accent is growing in almost every industry. You should begin with learning the foundation of any foreign language of your choice to see your interest. Learning a new language will boost your memory and increase brain power. Also, you will enhance your decision- making abilities and helps in improving overall academic performance. Also, learning a foreign language gives you an inside look at the culture, traditions, history, etc., linked with that particular language and about its native speakers.

Duolingo is one of the leading digital platforms that enables you to learn any foreign language free of cost. Many popular languages such as French, German, Spanish, etc. are offered. You will also get a ‘Certificate of Completion’ after passing the language assessment.


 Look-out for any Indoor Activity (Hobby) during Coronavirus Lockdown


indoor activity or hobby

Coronavirus has restricted our freedom and this will be the proper time to require initiative in interests or hobbies of your choice. And if it is not in your nature to be studious and study during lockdown to cover the extra syllabus, do not be concerned. you will find out your interest and appearance out for any indoor activity (hobby). this is often the only time for you to seek out out a guitar or improve those dance moves. Many video tutorials are available on online which can assist you learn and grow.

If you’re a fitness freak, you’ll do home work-out like pushup, burpees, etc. to call a couple of . Play some games together with your relations and luxuriate in this quality time and make memories. Make a hard and fast schedule and do any indoor activity to possess fun and reduce stress, if any. There also are tons of online games like counter-strike, FIFA, PUBG, etc. which you’ll play online together with your friends.

You need to seem inside yourself and determine those things that appear exciting and a lot of fun to try to to . you’ll also help your mom with cooking, household stuff, etc. and check out to try to to something that’s productive and keeps you going.


Maintain Good Health And Hygiene to fight the Coronavirus


Meditation to fight coronavirus

Health should be the topmost priority, and you should not neglect it by any chance. You need to maintain proper hygiene around your environment and follow the guidelines in response to infectious diseases such as wash hands often, stay at home, cover your nose or mouth when you sneeze, etc. Try to eat a balanced diet rich in protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals, etc. This will help in boosting your immune system and keeping your organs healthy. Try to meditate or exercise regularly to combat stress and stay other ailments at bay. This will improve your blood flow and reduce the risk of cardiac diseases, depression, weight gain, etc.

Take a short break while studying to improve your focus and attention. Taking breaks will help you increase productivity and develop social skills and creativity. Drink at least 8-ounce glasses of water, which equals approx. 2 liters a day to regulate body temperature, flush out toxic waste, maintain blood pressure, etc.

Connect Online With Your  Family And Loved Ones during Lockdown


video conference during coronavirus


Stay connected together with your families or loved ones in several parts of the planet through the web during lockdown and through this pandemic. Various online video platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc. can assist you in getting connected with just a click and connect you to each corner of the planet together with your loved ones, family and friends. Sometimes you’ll feel lonely or depressed thanks to lockdown or restrictions within your home as long as living alone. However, thanks to the transformation in digital technology, you’ll do video conferencing or call quickly with the assistance of your mobile or laptop. These technologies, in how , assist you in getting connected together with your relations and supply moral support. you’ll even have a talk or video call together with your friends and have an honest time with them. Discuss various topics associated with past vacations, studies, memories, etc. which can help in reducing stress.

Stay Positive: Coronavirus will end soon 

Stay Positive during Coronavirus


During a pandemic, it is undeniable to get influenced by negativity since the virus spreads in different parts of the world. Different economic setbacks, inadequate healthy facilities, limited resources, etc., are some factors that can make your thought negative or you may get depressed. These thoughts can disrupt your mindset, and you may not able to concentrate on studies or any other activities. However, you need to stay positive during those challenging times of the pandemic situation and remain calm and maintain your inner peace.

You should try to meditate or involve in some activity whenever negative thought strikes in your mind anytime during the day. Try to stay in touch with your family members ( through online platforms if alone) to express your feelings and emotions. This will lighten your mood. Watch shows and episodes based on comedy genre to get some laughter to feel happy and relaxed. You should also take enough sleep from your daily schedule for approx 6-8 hours.  This will help in reducing stress, depression, or anxiety if any.

To conclude, you should follow these simple tips during a pandemic to stay motivated, positive, and work towards your goal. Tough times come and goes, and it depends on how you face it. You should be disciplined, follow proper guidelines given by the government, and maintain social distancing. Try to become more productive and emphasize on learning new skills. These skills will surely help soon and especially during your job search. Also, you can find some recent posts to upskill your career.


Stay healthy and stay safe 🙂


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