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Computer Courses After 12th [Ultimate Guide]

The list of Computer Courses after 12th that will help you land a job in no time in 2020. These are the best computer courses that can be done immediately after 12th so that you can get a job easily and able to stay ahead in your career path. You will also be able to improve your technical knowledge.

Demand for professionals with computer knowledge or who have completed any computer course is growing day by day in the 21st century. Many computer courses can be done immediately after completing your 12th matching with the latest technologies.

After spending a decent amount of time understanding which courses are relevant for students after 12th which will also help in the long run, I’ve decided to write this about these computer courses are the best and in demand in the market and you can do it immediately after 12th.

Let’s get right into it


Computer Courses after 12th

These days many students after giving their senior secondary school examinations begin applying to various professional computer courses. As the demand for Computer Science Professionals is increasing day by day, the willingness to learn new tech skills among youngsters is also growing. Students just after completing their 12th are opting for short term professional computer courses rather than going for any degree in some college or university. These computer courses are for 6-12 months as per the syllabus and focus on specific technical skills. Since many companies are now shifting to information technology, the demand for computer science professionals will only grow for the coming years. If you are pursuing any technical degree and still want to enhance your resume or CV  can see the best computer courses of 2020 here that are currently in demand in the job market.


Top Computer Courses after 12th


1. Android Development

android development computer course

This is one among the highest computer courses that you simply can do immediately after the 12th. This course are going to be in limelight for several years to return . The demand for android developers is increasing at a rapid pace especially in Thailand, India, and other Asian Countries. Moreover, the android users are at a peak globally and everybody is counting on this technology lately . so as to become an android developer, you ought to have good analytical and problem-solving skills. Moreover, some fair understanding of any technical language is sweet to possess . However, Java is that the official programing language that’s used for developing android applications for a spread of purposes like e-commerce, social networks, etc.

The duration of the course is about 6-8 months for a beginner to become an android developer. you’ll learn to create basic Android applications. After completion of this course, you’ll also get experience working in several Java Frameworks, libraries, etc. this may help in improving your arrangement concepts and logical skills.

You can learn android development and provides certification exams offered by Google to enhance your skillset and to showcase your accomplishment. additionally , considering the varied job opportunities available within the market, you’ll be ready to get employment as a freelancer or as a junior android developer. To crack job interviews, you ought to have a solid foundation of all the frameworks, libraries, algorithms, and logic. Furthermore, you’ll also create your android app and publish it to the play store which may be monetized later for the earnings. To further improve your profile, you’ll choose android certification offered by Google to face out and increase your market price . a number of the work profiles, you’ll consider are android game developer, android app tester, etc.


2. Website Development is one of the best computer course to do after 12th

web development computer course

This is one among the foremost wanted computer courses that you simply can do after 12th and begin a career within the field of web development. The demand for web developers across the planet in almost every organization is at an all-time high. If you’re creative and excited about web development technologies and programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc., then this course is for you. Many students enroll during this particular course to urge all the knowledge and skills to create successful websites. Every information that you simply see on the web is on an internet site . Every organization requires web developers to create and maintain their websites.

A website developer or front-end developer is one among the foremost wanted career options. Almost, in every organization, there’s a requirement for web developers regularly for brand spanking new projects. If you’ve got tons of side projects and an honest foundation within the technical skills associated with web development, you’ll land employment soon. a number of the work roles which may be an honest fit you’re website designer, front-end developer, etc.




3. Microsoft Office Certification Program

This is one of the best computer courses after 12th with certification options. This computer course comes with working on a variety of software with usage in almost every industry or organization. Microsoft Office or MS office consists of the various application software within it which are used for a lot of applications. MS Office consists of MS Word to create text documents or MS excel to work with spreadsheets etc. There is also a mail service application known as Outlook within MS office that provides email services. Moreover, each industry requires professionals who are proficient with MS Office.

The Microsoft Office certification course is one of the best courses to do after 12th. This computer course enables you to apply for a variety of job roles such as Data entry, creating PowerPoint presentations, basic calculations using Excel, etc. This computer course will be for 3-6 months. It will enable you to be job-ready in a variety of IT fields across different companies.

4. Data Entry is one of the famous computer course to do after 12th


data entry

Data entry simply means entering the info or records of data manually on a computer or any information technology device. This course doesn’t require tons of advanced technical knowledge associated with computers like programming or networking. However, you would like to possess some knowledge regarding simple input-output operations and typing skills. Specifically, you ought to have a basic understanding of the way to type, edit, etc. you’ll study various software applications on a computing system that permits you to enter information into the pc memory.

This computer course supported data entry is extremely useful if you would like to earn a part-time income as soon as possible after completing your 12th and may do an easy technical job role. Various data entry jobs are often found on different job platforms like, indeed, etc. regularly because the demand for such professionals never goes down.

There is no constraint regarding the language input type specifically. Most data entry jobs in various organizations and corporations incline towards a spread of knowledge sets. you’ll do data entry in any regional language which is supported by the pc system and begin learning the way to type and edit. Different regional publishers, magazines, etc. also search for data entry professionals who can type in local languages.

6. Graphic Design


graphic design computer course

You’d wish to possess an ingenious blend of mind to determine technologies with creativity if you pursue this course because the demand for graphic designers is growing at a rapid pace as more students after doing class 12 pursue this course. The primary responsibilities include creating awareness about products or services through interactive banners, digital posters, showcasing the creativity of the product idea of the organization through visual arts, etc. The duration of this course is expected to be 3-6 months but to extend further, you may seek a diploma or degree revolving around graphic design. In fact, you will get to seek out plenty of latest software like adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, etc.




class 12th student looking for computer courses online


  • Android Development
  • Web Development
  • Microsoft Office Certification
  • Data Entry
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting
  • Animation
  • Video Editing


Online Education Platforms

Some online educational platform provides the best quality content and study material.  This enables you to learn the computer skills that are in demand from the comfort of your home immediately after your 12th. You can take the benefit of these computer courses. The courses are for 2-3 months. These courses will help you learn new skills to get a job as soon as possible.

Udacity is an online educational platform that provides short online courses often referred to as nano degrees which are industry organized and focused on students begin to start a career in technology. In fact, you can choose from a variety of courses such as data analyst, java developer, etc to name a few from a big bucket. These courses are designed from beginner to advanced levels. You may utilize these online computer resources after 12th to be job-ready. In short, these are some of the computer skills that you can learn after 12th which will benefit your career. Moreover, you can check-out various tips that students are following during Coronavirus Lockdown to utilize this time and learn new skills here  🙂