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Best Computer Courses in 2020 [Ultimate Guide]

Why Computer Courses?

Computer courses or Information Technology courses are based on different technical skills and techniques needed to work with data or information. On the other hand, software development or engineering deals with the development of application software. However, in simple words, Computer courses consist of various courses related to information technology and computer science. It enables a professional to work on multiple technological based services or devices. Necessary computer skills include writing a word document, use of the internet, sending emails, basic commands, etc. and advanced computer skills include working on MS-Excel to work with data and create pie charts, video-editing, etc.

These skills can be acquired by any professional coming from any educational background. There is no prerequisite, but some basic computer knowledge and analytical skills are good to have. Computer courses are in high demand and will not diminish in the coming future. Nowadays, more companies and businesses are relying on IT services because of which demand for IT professionals is on the rise.


Types of Computer Training

There are a variety of computer courses available on the market. It depends upon you what skills you want to acquire. The course should be inclined towards your career path and interest and demand. Students should choose these courses wisely and should utilize this opportunity to learn and grow.

Now let’s discuss below different types of computer courses:



Web development one of the top computer course

This computer course or training is in very high demand, and each company or organization requires professionals to possess web development skills. Website development is that the use of varied technologies and coding skills to develop interactive and user-friendly websites for the web . This course can range from developing one primary webpage of text to complex internet-based applications and web services. If you select this course, you’ll learn various technologies around web development.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is that the building block for any website. To date, HTML5 is that the latest web development technologies and CSS3 stylesheets to make a responsive and user-friendly website. aside from these technology stacks, you’ll get the chance to find out Javascript and NodeJS. Javascript is one among the foremost important languages for the planet Wide Web.

The average salary of a junior web developer is $68,524, consistent with Glassdoor.


Data science one of the top computer course

Data science is connected to data processing and large data. Moreover, it’s a technological field where statistics, machine learning, data analysis, and similar methods and techniques are used. Thus helps in deriving and extracting meaningful knowledge and knowledge from structured or unstructured datasets. This computer skill is one among the most well-liked within the 21st century. Furthermore, one among the highest computer courses available within the market. Also, big giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. are paying handsome salaries also as great perks to data science professionals.

Data science consists of varied modules and topics covering data and its analysis. In simple words, how data are often optimized for better strategies and decisions. Also, analyzing data through various statistical techniques, machine learning algorithms, and analyzing the insights derived from the results. you’ll get the chance to find out from the fundamentals, begin with understanding the basics of programing language, Python, to research the info. Then, data visualization to see and represent the graphical representation of knowledge.

You will be doing data scraping besides building web scrapers using Scrapy. Besides, you’ll even be doing data cleaning. Similarly, working with machine learning algorithms like decision trees, principal component analysis, to call a couple of. Data science professionals are required in each industry, and their demand is on the increase. Moreover, some schools provide specialization specific in data science. And, why professionals with this skill are essential to a corporation because it helps companies with deciding. Data science professionals find patterns in data. Also, to research and find insights. Lastly, liable for making predictions from the dataset.

The average salary of a knowledge science professional at entry-level is $113k, consistent with Glassdoor.



Software Development one of the top computer training course

It is one of the foremost sought-after computer skills within the planet , and there has always been a requirement for professionals with such expertise. Software development is that the method of defining, design, build, test, and deploy any software application or program. Also, it can include the event of customized Softwares as per the need of the user, working with databases, etc. This field also requires proper research of the matter statement, development of prototypes, reverse engineering, modification of other activities, which ends up within the event of varied software.

Companies often use different programming languages for the event of software applications. Many popular languages like C++, Java, C, C#, etc. play a crucial role within the event phase of any programming software.  These programming languages are often utilized within the event of android applications, game engines, desktop apps, etc. Big giants often require software developers to require care of and optimize their apps or work on their products and services. The average salary of a software development professional at entry-level is $ 76,526/yr, according to Glassdoor.




Cloud Computing

The next revolution within the world of the knowledge Technology sector was the introduction of cloud technologies. In simple words, cloud computing may be a combination of software technologies and hardware wont to provide services to different organizations, clients, etc. over the network(internet). The demand for cloud professionals across various organizations is at its peak. Many companies are switching to cloud-based technology because it offers businesses and organizations across the world computing resources, which are scalable. Thus, saving tons of cash for various companies. As a cloud professional, you’ll get the chance to settle on cloud service providers initially, like AWS, Azure, etc. which can provide you sufficient hands-on practice.

You will even be learning various modules supported storage, networking, cloud security, Linux, DevOps, etc. to call a couple of . the foremost commonly used programming languages within the development of cloud servers, include C# and Java. However, it’s not a prerequisite, but it’s good to possess some programming knowledge to putting together applications for the cloud and deploying them. it’s one among the must-have skills in 2020 and one among the simplest computer courses available within the market.

The average salary of a cloud professional at entry-level is $103K/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.




Artificial Intelligence one of the best computer training course

This is one among the highest computer training courses and most in-demand skills for the longer term of labor within the AI-enabled world. AI is that the ability of machines to think, reason, or decide instead of performing on a predefined set of instructions. These smart AI systems analyze patterns and styles , learn past events, and make subsequent decisions smarter. to figure within the field of AI , a private should have practical knowledge within the majority of courses, including mathematics, computing , physics, engineering, and robotics, etc.

You will gain knowledge in statistics, probability, algebra, calculus, and algorithms. On the opposite hand, you would like to be versed in programming skills, data structures, logic, and efficiency. you’ll also pursue a specialization in AI offered by various universities and schools. The tech stack of AI includes performing on different programming languages (Python, Java, etc.), different technological frameworks, libraries, etc. consistent with Forbes, AI is that the most in-demand skills for 2020.
The average salary of a man-made Intelligence specialist at entry-level is $114K/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.




This computer course doesn’t need any introduction. With an increasing demand for various technologies across the world , there’s always a risk of malicious attacks from hackers to multiple organizations and customers. To combat, the necessity for cybersecurity professionals in on the increase . In simple words, cybersecurity is that the safety, protection, and security of computer systems and networks from various malicious attacks like phishing, computer virus , virus, etc. from hackers.

Under this course, you’ll get to figure on various tools supported security analysis, reverse engineering, malware analysis, etc. you’ll also get to figure on different security tools like Nmap, Wireshark, and operating systems like Kali, BlackArch, etc. you’ll be surprised to understand that the demand for professionals with cybersecurity skills is outstripping the availability of skilled workers, consistent with IBM.

The average salary of cybersecurity professionals at entry-level is $ 28,237/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.



This computer course is best for college kids who are creative, artistic, or inclined towards design and animation. The demand for graphic design is nearly in every industry regardless of their field, whether it’s IT, food and beverages, automobile, etc. This course includes working with pictures, animations, numbers, text to make interactive and crowd pleasing visual art, videos, logos, thumbnails, etc. to call a couple of . you’ll get the chance to figure and learn various software developed solely for graphics like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, etc. This field may be a subset of communication design and visual design. After completion of this course, you’ll add various industries across career options like UI (User-Interface Designer), UX( User-Experience) Designer, Graphic Designer, etc. you’ll find multiple opportunities across media companies, marketing agencies, etc.

You can learn this skill through online courses, professional certifications, diplomas, or degrees. Design plays an important role in any organization to represent its business, product, or vision. Besides, graphic designers play an important role within the branding team. there’s also a rise in demand for graphic design professionals in startups and little scale organizations.

The average salary of a Graphic Designer at entry-level is $ 45,677/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.


Digital Marketing

This course is one among the simplest courses available within the market, which incorporates both technical and non-technical knowledge. Digital marketing is that the use of various technologies to succeed in customers or clients and make awareness about the merchandise and services offered by the organization. Besides, approaching new customers through different technological strategies supported online marketing, social media campaigning, etc. This skill is on the increase within the 21st century. Digital marketing includes different subtopics like program Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Marketing, etc.

The main reason for the rise within the requirement of digital marketing professionals among organizations is due to reaching a wider audience. you’ll enter a broad audience through digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing activities. you’ll get insights about your audience due to which you’ll create loyalty for your brand. The average salary of a digital marketing professional at entry-level is $ 57,473/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.


Game Development one of the top computer course in the market

This is considered one among the most well liked computer skills within the market. The gaming industry is on a boom lately , and game developers are in huge demand. After the commercial success of online games like PUBG, Subway Surfers, etc. there has been tons of focus within the gaming sector by many multi-national companies and investing tons . Moreover, many startups are established. Under this course, you’ll get to find out skills supported mathematics, programming skills, and creativity. These three elements play a fundamental role within the career path of game development.

You will be learning new Softwares like unity 3D, which is widely used for game development. aside from it, you’ll even be learning programming languages like Java and C++, which is widely used. Besides, you would like to possess strong analytical skills and, of course, passion for video games. you’ll also create your gaming apps and publish it on various platforms like App Store, Google Play, etc. to call a couple of .

The average salary of a game developer at entry-level is $ 50,923/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.


Blockchain one of the hottest computer training course

Everyone within the IT world is interested by this emerging technology and its impact globally. As a result, this is often one among the most well liked skills trending immediately and is lacking skilled professionals under this industry. In simple words, a blockchain may be a digital ledger or arrangement where transactions are recorded across many machines in order that any involved record can’t be changed without the replacement of all previous blocks. it’s sort of a sheet recording various transactions. Each transaction generates a hash. The transaction is written within the block as long as the bulk of nodes approve it. This course is in very high demand across various countries. The average salary of a blockchain developer at entry-level is $ 76,526/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.

11. ITIL ( Information Technology Infrastructure Library)


ITIL one of the famous Computer course and certification

This computer training majorly focuses on the set of detailed services for IT Service Management, concentrating on aligning IT services with the business of varied organizations. this is often more of a certification recognized round the globe and distributed by Alexos. This computer course enables you to possess more substantial alignment between information technology and business. you’ll manage the right utilization of resources resulting in reduced costs. it’ll also help in improving service delivery and satisfaction of clients and consumers. this is often one among the distinguished certifications available within the market.

After completing this course and certification, you’ll be ready to handle and managing IT service management. you’ll have the power to spot , plan, and support various IT services to extend the productivity and efficiency of companies and organizations. consistent with experts, the demand for trained and authorized ITIL experts is on the increase , and you’ll have the choice to settle on a spread of roles within a corporation .

The average salary of a licensed ITIL professional is $98,212, consistent with Global Knowledge.




Computer Networking one of the most famous computer training course

This computer course or training is one among the foremost sought-after skills and is usually in demand. Under this course, you’ll get to find out about basic networking, IP address allocation, routers, and switches, etc. you’ll plan, construct, and manage networks in order that it can function well and are optimized. you’ll get hands-on practice by performing on various networking devices. However, you would like to possess the power to find out new technologies, analytical mindset, firm paperwork and documentation skills, etc. to finish this computer course with flying colours .

Various certifications are available from top IT giants like CISCO, CompTIA, etc. specifically for computer networking. These certifications are globally reputed and on top. These certifications are industry-recognized and can assist you land employment in no time.

The average salary of a licensed network engineer is $ 72,362/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.


13. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)


Robotic Process Automation is emerging computer course available in the market

The demand for RPA developers is at an all-time high. More and more companies are inclining towards robotic process automation, and therefore the need for professionals with these skills is increasing. RPA, in simple words, an automation technology supported robots or digital workers (using Artificial Intelligence) to exchange manual, repetitive tasks within a corporation .
This technology helps organizations in reducing costs and become more productive. Moreover, providing faster service, insights, improved industrial outputs, flexibility, etc. Under this course, you’ll be learning new software like UIPath to create automated bots which will perform specific tasks designed for automation. you’ll also got to have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with the power to find out new software.

The average salary of a licensed RPA developer is $ 75,487/yr, consistent with Glassdoor.


Online Computer Courses and Computer Training Platform


Online Education Platform where learning never ends

There are many courses, as discussed above, which can be done online from the comfort of your home.  There are different educational websites where you can do classes as per your preference and learn new skills. However, some courses are completely free, and some include reasonable prices.

Some computer courses or training online sites include :



Data Entry is one of the easiest IT skills in the market

There are some necessary computer level skills which may be learned by anyone who wishes to urge any basic level IT job. Besides, the foremost wanted the power is data entry. Moreover, necessary computer skills include working with spreadsheets, learning essential Microsoft Office, send emails, etc. you’ll also study various communication software like Skype, Google hangout, etc. due to which you’ll do video conferencing, etc. for communication purposes. Nevertheless, you’ll also learn basic presentation Softwares, including PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. Besides, these computer courses are completed within a brief period.

These skills can help in getting basic computer jobs in several organizations as per their requirements. Moreover, the demand for computer professionals is on the increase , and you ought to fill use of this chance . Furthermore, these skills are going to be a necessity within the digital era and can assist you during a landing job.

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