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About Me

CareerCorn is a place where the student meets with opportunities 🙂

Hello! Welcome to CareerCorn 

I started this website because, during the transition from college to a professional job, there is a lot of difficulties students face including me whether it is soft skills, no prior internship experience, lack of awareness or not being active on professional social media platforms, etc. So, I decided to share my experience and knowledge in the form of a blog to students across the world so that they can get something out of my experience to make better decisions and improve their overall skillset.

I am currently working towards my Master's studies and have guided a lot of students to make better career decisions. Here, you will also find content covering global internship opportunities, earn a part-time income, improve your resume, L.O.R templates, application for higher studies, international job opportunities, or to know the success mantra and journey of various successful people across the globe. 

Also, I regularly publish content about improving your LinkedIn profile or ways to improve your job search.

Thanks for checking out my website!